Saturday, November 12, 2016



Your artwork is very nice…?
Yes it is… thanks

Most artists give their artwork a name…what is the name of yours?
If it was you that did the artwork, what kind of name would you have given it?

How old are you?

First thing, if it was me that did the artwork, I would have given it a name long ago. Secondly, I’m the one conducting the interview…so I ask the questions? So what would you like to call it?
Max 5

How can you call it Max5; is it a game?
No it is the best name I can give it.

Moving on, what medium did you use it do the artwork?
I used Microsoft Paint program

Because it is the best. People don’t like paint program.

Why do you say so?
Because I have not seen anybody using it.

I use it..have you seen any of my artwork?

You did not have to shout…
Anyways, would you be doing more artwork with the Paint Program?

Thanks for the interview.


Tuesday, December 29, 2015

HongKong Under Construction I Video (did I get the spelling right?).

About This Project

Took me forever. First, I completed "the project" donkey years ago. Loaded it up as a folder on my Gmail account and saved it on my system. That's when the movie twist started.

Corrupted File

My system 'caught' a virus and this infected the files. I thought I had already covered that area (since I had it stored on my Gmail account).

Didn't Work

I tried downloading it from the account and it did not turn out as I expected. Apparently, some of the files were already corrupted before loading it up and that's what Gmail returned back to me.

What Next?

I gave it a long break (like very long a break) and when I attempted to get the folder from Gmail, I was told that they no longer stored folders (I think that is what I was told). So I could not download it.

What Next II?

I started the art work again (and it was real work). It took me about 3 years or more (granted, I did not labor at it day and night everyday). I finally completed the first part, which was to get it frame done (you will have to see it to have an idea of the amount of time I had to put into this labor of loaf-art).
The second part was easier and that was turning each frame into a short movie. I broke it down to 3 distinct stages.

What Next III?

It was a call be Guardian Witness that made me complete the task. They were asking for artistic contributions for their "witness program" and I kind of figured they might be interested in it. They weren't (although I think they accepted, then rejected two other loaf-art artworks).
Having completed the project, I decided to post it here (I knew I was still going to post them here whether they accepted it or not).


Let me post the first part here and we might get to talk about it and the others soon (that will be next year). And by the way; Happy New Year!!!


Here's what I'm thinking of doing.
  • Post a video
  • Talk (write) about the video
  • Post the frames that make up each video & talk about them since they are individual artworks, each building on the other(? Not too sure about this yet)
  • Post the next video and repeat the above 
Everything above was done using the Paint Program
Comments are invited 

Thursday, May 14, 2015




I think I have something about space. I just realized that it is a theme I always come back to with my loaf-art. I can reel out AnotherSpaceLife, then there was Spaceportal and now there is Splashspace, which is something I did before Spaceportal (I think I have posted something on it before but I am not sure). Maybe I should just omit the word space, beginning to sound like a movie director that is stuck on one rail.

But there is something about space that will always remain compelling. The intricate connection of stars, galaxies and everything that is space has with everything else makes it a place where we are undeniably one with it.

Splashspace is a collage of every space phenomenon. It shows our frailty and strength, in-consequence and value. You can see energies and how they are a paradox of self-sustenance and dependence on each other.

There is balance and it is a balance that is robust and delicate at the same time. The implosion or explosion of Jupiter could be the end of our solar system, just as the destruction of our moon could mean the destruction of the earth as we know it. There is balance at every scale. Therefore, Splashspace talks about scale.

Things happen in splashes and the ripple effect is evident. And just as the Sun is a living entity as it were and anytime it coughs the earth and its cousins sneeze, the same rule applies howbeit on a larger scale when it comes to inter-galactic relationships.
Energy is being released and absorbed at that level as stars go out and come to live. We are interconnected. A piece of paper that is dropped in some street in New York will have a ripple effect that will affect someone on the streets of Melbourne.