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Monday, December 23, 2013



It has been ages since we last held an interview. We are back, better, and kicking off with this piece of Microsoft Paint art called funnel.
Hello, it has been quite a while hasn’t it?
Yes it has, I heard that you were fired…?
No, I wasn’t…just took a long sabbatical…okay let’s start; why do you call this piece of artwork funnel?
It is part of a theme I have been working with, it relates with water.
This theme, are there other artwork associated with it?
Yes, a couple actually…funnel depicts pools of water, represented by the circles and you can see strong border lines from the tip of the massive circle that seems to have a funnel like connection that continues away from the artwork.
Yes, that’s another thing…it looks as if the canvass is not enough, as if the artwork continues outside  it…?
Exactly, this is the basis of any artwork, they continue outside the canvass, extending to include the person that stand to observe it.
Is there an end?
No artwork has an end just as humanity seems to exist in continuum. Art is like the water cycle. It started at some point but will continue as long as the earth exists….?
As long as the earth exists?
Well, humankind is doing all in their power to make sure they break that cycle with the constant bombardment of the ozone layer.
Does this bombardment touch an aspect of your water theme?
Yes. Water points to life as we know and have on earth. The water cycle signifies a continuation of life that is conditional. Breaking that cycle implies death of life as we know it. It is a clear funnel effect where the results (of breaking that cycle) are as definite as anything can be.
So this artwork is about saving the earth?
It is more of us leaving the earth alone to continue its work of preserving life. It is about us not interfering with this work and the danger of doing so.
You went back to bold colors?
Yes. Making a bold statement that is more of a demand than a plea is important. Using bold colors underscores that gravity of the message.
Aside from circles and droplets, which obviously points to the water, there are also solid shapes like squares…do they mean anything?
Of course, they are structures. They depict manmade structures and since they are in the funnel, they also depict that breaking the water cycle would cause the death of the structures we have built.
Everything goes down the drain?
Exactly, everything goes down the drain.
Thanks for your time.
You are welcome.

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