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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Spaceportal & Desert Tent Interview


What’s up with the poem?
It’s nice of you to drop by again. As for the “poem” I see it as part of the artwork
Can you expand on that?
It creates a funnel that leads the reader into the image, creating an immersive experience. Anyone that reads about would hopefully want to spend more time looking at the artwork. This makes the “poem” section part of the artwork.
Did you just decide to say anything because you are doing something on space or do you really believe that Space will lead the way in future to the point of being bigger than the internet?
I do believe that
The sheer size of the potential waiting to be tapped and all the jobs, professions and industries it will create and deepen.
It does not look like that now…?
True but things are heading in a direction that will allow almost every sci-fi daydream to have the potential of becoming a reality.
Is there any special attachment to the name Spaceportal?
The name is a critical aspect of the loaf-art work. It is the gateway, the beginning of a journey. It is talking about something that is a doorway to adventure, prosperity and uncertainty.
Yes, uncertainty because it’s a door that leads into a place that has barely been touched. The sheer size of space makes it an area that is filled with uncertainties.
I can see you stuck with your primary colors?
And added three more “enveloping” colors, sticking to tradition while adding newer colors.
Hmm…I hear you have just discovered G+, starting a loaf-art community?
Just scratching the surface. I feel it is time to expose loaf-art, this blog and see if people of similar interest are out there.
What’s the plan for the future on that?
Taking it one step at a time. This blog ( has been around for a couple of years now. I am not under any pressure, you know how I started it and it’s a hobby that I will like others to take part in…
What about Desert Tent, what’s the story behind that?

Desert Tent

Desert Tent is just what it is…I love the brown background. It is a typical loaf-art, something I started without having an idea what I was doing until it got to some point where I felt okay with it.
There seems to be some white spaces?
It’s now part of the artwork. These are tents and they all look like they are still being set up so it is part of the artwork.
What are the themes here?
Building, activity and movement even when it is chaotic and not organized. Humans like to be seen to be doing something, it’s part of the way they tend to hold things together even when it looks like what they are doing will not solve the problem.
What about YouTube?
Yeah, started a Youtube channel with this blog and loaf-art in mind. Uploaded a video that showed a step-by-step process as I created Spaceportal. I plan to use it as often as I can, loaf-art is also about using your downtime and I hope to populate it with relevant content.

Nice talking to you today
Same here

Out In The Stars: Spaceportal

Space Prophecy
There will come a time when
Space will be bigger than every other industry
Space will be bigger than the internet
Space will change the way we relate with each other