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Sunday, April 19, 2015

InTheThroes: Art as Thick Expression

InTheThroes Loaf-art

InTheThroes is a very expressive work of art that may leave little to the imagination. There is a clear attempt to leave abstract figures as most of the Microsoft Paint loafart on this blog tend to be and depict something that is clear enough for any observer to note. For instance, a hand can be clearly seen boldly stripped in the strong colors of loafart.
Without aiming to prejudice the subjective interpretations of the forms depicted in this artwork, the other form seems to suggest a woman. This is underlined by motion, which the whole canvas seems to depict. The woman seems to be walking while the hand seems to be in motion.
This is interesting because it looks like the hand is in the act of moving towards groping the woman. This is underscored by the name of the piece InTheThroes. The bigger picture the name suggests is not the particular act itself but the capturing of intention. Intention is motion and once that motion is set, it is a good as the act being committed even when something happens to prevent that act from actually happening.
This is arguably one of the best loafart in terms of expression. However, it can be chalked up with others that follow the style of using thick black lines. You can also see this with confarence and cultural collapse collage.
It would be interesting to get a more subjective interpretation of this work of art so your thoughts are welcome.