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Friday, September 24, 2010

Highway: Life's way

highway, life's way
hi, this is an article on this piece but we will still do the interview.
The artwork highway is special in many ways. As you can see it looks like there is something amiss(the truth is with the way art is you might even notice it as such). This was not how the finished work was at first. I was satisfied with it when i loafed around and it conjured up out of the paint program. But the next time i tried to open it i found that it had a problem when i was saving it hence 'corrupting' it. But i had already christened it highway and as i pondered on what to do with it...whether to delete it forever or not it kind of struck me how apt the name and what happened to the art work coincided to underscore what life is all about (about art).
Life is like a highway and smooth sailing is not necessarily defined by there being no challenges on the way but by how we still 'rule' as it were over them. This is a short piece on the highway. Thanks for the time taken to read through.


Thursday, September 23, 2010


Today we will be doing just the posting of our latest artwork and may be do the interview next week. Thanks.
The name of the art work is Highway. One of these days we'll start getting responses and another breaking news is that i signed up on Fanbox! And one of the blogs is about this blog. I don't just want to be repeating everything i say here...there...i will be adding one or two things.

There is something extremely unique about this art work but I'll post it first for you to view and we'll talk about it later.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Interview

 The interview is back. Today it is on the latest art work that has just been posted.
how are you doing today?
Great Britannia...that is an interesting title...?
Yes it is.
How come the name Great Britannia?
The first thing is that at some point the picture looked like a lady sitting on a throne... a queen perhaps.
What is the implication of that it talking about past glories?
Good the name would seem to point to the past in terms of past glories but in actual fact it is talking about the future i.e. the hope of the future in the light of a past that was to speak. There was a time the British empire arguably ruled the world. What the art work reflects is that time of greatness with regards to a future hope of coming greatness.

                                                 Great Britannia

What about the present.....does it not then imply that the present is not filled with as much hope or is not as rosy as one would want it to be?
True...but the thing with the present is that it doesn't it is in the eyes of the beholder.....things may not really be as bad now and they might even be swell but the future should always paint a picture that is brighter than the matter how beautiful the present is now.
So the artwork doesn't necessarily say that the present is gloomy? points to a better tomorrow without casting any shadow on is all about hope and betterment...that is the essence of Great Britannia.
Let's talk about the there a particular reason for the colors?
Not really...but the thing is the colors do speak even when you don't want them to.
What are they saying?
It depends on what the viewer is is very subjective....what you hear may not be what I'm hearing... this is why i don't what to say anything that will distort the purity of your own interpretation.
Thank you.
Thank you.(end of interview)

NB...I kind of like how this blog is shaping up. I never thought I would have gone this far with it but I think i might just stick to i as a hobby of sorts...we still need more viewership though. But i love's relaxing.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Good Ol' Days

There was a time i posted at least once a week..those were the days. Today we want to post a new art work. I want to see if we can get back on track....the interview, an article or two and the wrap up. The artwork of today is apt...i christened it Great Britannia. There was a time they ruled everything they least as much as the other powers that be allowed. Great Britannia doesn't talk about the past but actually points to the future. It talks about hope and restoration but more of this later. Today we just want to do the uploading.
                                              Great Britannia

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

first upload

hi, I finally got one of our art works uploaded on freemarket. The first to be is the error artwork and the last time i checked. it had about seven views but no downloads yet.....price is at $1.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Quick Update

Just been up at Freemarket.....i don't think they have or made room for the kind or graphics I want to upload but we will just have to find a way....


It is going to be a beautiful September month! Don't ask where i've been all this art is loaf-art...haven't had much time to loaf lately. But the good news is that last month was filled with music! I didn't do much with my last art talks about 2the connection between the old and the new. It was the gramophone that bridged the divide and changed the way music was distributed hence appreciated forever. Without the gramophone there would be no ipod...think about that.


There are so many things we can say about it but that will be for another time.
I just had this idea....i want to put up all the art works we have posted here on freelancer (being a member). They have this new addition which seems to be really cool. It is like a market where members buy and sell from each other. I want to see what the response would be like and i will keep you posted on how they are faring......that would add to the reasons why i have to remember my loaf-art. they call is freemarket.