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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Tsunami Souls Interview

There seems to be a great deal of fatalism with this one
You seem to be in a rush today…or have you heard the siren?
Siren?...Tsunami warning? No…but the name, the people, the beachfront and the giant waves….there is no escape…is there?
It is the story of our lives
Our lives…how so?
It is a story of inevitability…it does not matter how we ignore it or how busy we are, there is a rushing wave coming that will crash down and sweep everything away..
Are you not being too pessimistic?
It is not about pessimism but about the reality of some things…growing old
Sadness or joy...Tsunami Souls
, tax, political corruption and even if you do not want to go in that direction, Tsunami Souls says we all have something coming that we have tacitly accepted will come
But what if someone looks at this painting…Tsunami Souls and sees it as something to be celebrate…like the figures on the painting with their hands in the air…as if waiting with joy for it to wash over them…?
It’s art…no one can argue against a subjective interpretation as long as it inspires them and in a way there is some degree of truth in that as you can accept or even open your hands to embrace what some might frown or cry over.
When next will you be putting up another artwork?
As soon as I can…there should be one or two that I am yet to publish and there are more to come…hopefully
Thanks for the interview
You are welcome