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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Music is in the air

This week has been beautiful and I've been singing all through. Today I want to post an art work that mirrors the moment and my wish for those who don't feel like dancing is that they choose to smile because in the end life is about choices.
Life is music and one of the instruments that ushered in music into the modern era is the good old gramophone.There is a lot to be said about this and we will try to as we find time. But till then keep on singing.

Monday, July 19, 2010

The error Interview

Hi....did you create this art work by ...mistake?
Not really...but come to think of it...all of my loaf art has been by mistake as it were because i have never really set out to do anything.

How do you mean?
That is one of the thing about the started by me just playing around the Paint program (just doodling about ) and then it suddenly started taking form and that point of consciousness, i followed after the form it took and I've never stopped.

So was it the same way with error?
Yes...basically the same way..


What made you to give it the name error?
 It really looked like a computer error to me (at some point in  time).

You didn't use your primary colors this time around....
Yes....that added to the error i.e. the name.

Does this picture say more to you than it looking like a computer error?
Not just to me but as an artwork that aims at reflecting  life, experience has shown that at times lovely things have come out of mistakes and even when they are not so lovely....they have at times turned out to be preferable even though they were not planned.

When did it stop being a mistake?
I don't know exactly...

But looking at it seemed to have definite...even human forms...
That is you...the viewer creating the you they look human, to another they might look like something else...maybe aliens...that is just one of the perks of abstract art.

Thank you.
Thank you.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Loading error (the art work) is becoming a major issue. But maybe this is a good opportunity that we can use to talk about the art work. Error seems to be an apt name for it. Mistakes can become master strokes that sets apart one work of art from the rest. Art doesn't necessarily have to be deliberate -this s one good reason why art can't be boxed in. Anything can become art and art can be anything. So art is tied to just one word....consciousness. This is the key word that defines art. Once a person becomes conscious of the art value or sense of an object or an observation, that thing at that point in time becomes art.


An error can lead to art...even a masterpiece. This also reflects in life when a wrong turn as it were leads you to the right place and with hindsight we begin to appreciate those errors. Well we have finally uploaded error, till next time...enjoy.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


We have gone well into this week and we would have posted this the Monday gone by but experienced a few glitches.
This week's artwork has two main points of interests. The first is the name and the second is the work itself. Remember that this is still on my Loaf-art theme i.e. artworks based entirely on the Microsoft Paint program.
The title of this week's piece is error and we might end up spending the rest of this week and the bette part of next week on it.
The Interview segment will come up with one or two related articles.
Another interesting thing of note is that we are contemplating doing a review of art outside our Loaf-art....picking on something that may not be called art and finding the art in them. It may cover themes or issues and the interesting thing about this is us bringing out or declaring the art in's something we are still looking into but more on this later. But for now, we are only posting the art work for the week  for you enjoy.

NB....still having problems uploading error...maybe it has something to do with the name.......have to resolve this...and do it later...till then.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Cosmopolitan Interview Continued - the open Lines

Now you used definite shapes or completely closed shapes most of the times but there were time you used open lines....why?
Very good question, the whole shapes represents individual...individual with roots elsewhere who having detached themselves from those roots and coming to the city began attaching themselves to the sub-culture of the cosmopolitan life. This is why the shapes overlaps in some placing in varying degrees.....

But the open lines represents individuals who are seeming rootless. That is they had no previous roots as it were..

Are you saying such people really exists...born without roots?
Speaking abstractly..yes. There are people who will just tell you that they are from the very cosmopolitan city that everybody seems to have found there way to and this people when you look at them are not really traditionally from that city. But they have become so dis-entangled from the past and all there previous roots and at the same time become so entangled in that city life that they have become the true indigenous of that city. They are the open lines....the true cosmopolitan and people whom the rest are turning into even subconsciously. And because they are so open they are the ones who represent the adhesive factor that binds all the various peoples and differences together. They have access limited by the limitations of the individuals they interact with and not by anything that has to do with them. They are the ones that are the most opened minded, the ones that show consummate intelligence in their ability to entertain every other notion, culture or belief without necessarily taken to any but tolerating all.

So these open lines represents the adhesive that glues cosmopolitanism together...they are not much because unlike the other shapes it's as if you can count them...
Very true and they don't need to be that much because in reality they are not that much especially when you compare them with the other types of individualities that are represented in a cosmopolitan culture. Like i said before they are what others are sub-consciously aspiring to be as they get more and more into the city life.

 Thank you.
You are welcome.