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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The defense

I chose the drum to depict Life because the drum in itself paints a picture of latent energy. It is an energy that has been stored up and the thing with it is that once you strike it, it gives out that energy.
Now is that not what life with all its bustling energy is all about?

                                                                  The Standing Conga
The standing conga(which i think is a better name for this work of art) implies that life is on its toes. That is, it is very ready to act. Now some might pick the guitar (because of it strings) to depict life but i think it is a trifle too romantic (except for the electric rock guitar).
And the keyboard too seems a bit too controlled for my liking. It is only the key you strike that will give you a definite sound.
Beyond this we must touch on how a title does the uncanny act of limiting the art and in a way boxing the viewer in to only look at it within the confines of the name. So even if the name is part of the art and indeed even more so than the canvass i.e. to some, it could be a real limiting factor as it concerns appreciating the art.
Life is beautiful and it is art.

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