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Monday, July 16, 2012

21 Steps

21 Steps
Hi, I wonder what you will make of this? I call it 21 Steps

We crawl in steps
In trepidation
In hope
Moving forward
Moving away
When we don't want to stay

We walk in steps
Legs move even when eyes
Can't see
Won't see

We run in steps
Even a leap is a step
Can't deny the physics
Sound metrics
We fly in steps
Each flap of the wing
Spin of the turbine
Twist of the piston
We drive in steps
Sleep in steps
Eat in steps
Grow in steps
Die in steps
Love in steps
Hate in steps
Hug in steps

Each step making up lost ground
Stepping on steps that steps us closer
With fear or care
We step near or step back
Impartial steps
Yes; 21 STEPS

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