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Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Interview


It's been quite some time now?
Well, i've been here and there; doing this and that.

The art work you posted is very interesting indeed...
Yea.. i particularly like the name.

The Box?

Why that name?
Because it looks like


But it also looks like other a drum...
That is the beauty of can be many things and that is why the name is so apt. You can get many things from a box. A box is meant to store things, at times they are practical or flimsy but they serve one purpose or the it tickles our fancy.

So what does the work tell you?
Many things...but its not what it tells me but what it says to the person that looks at it. To that person it becomes art i.e. just saying what it means to you is art in itself...get it?

I...think so...let's continue another time..OK?

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