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Monday, July 16, 2012

Cultural Collapse Collage

I never jotted anything down about Cultural Collapse Collage. This work of  loafart is a critics dream because there are just so many things to be said or that can be said. The rather unfortunate thing for me is that i am rushing this and might have to revisit this piece of art again because it is so rich.
Cultural Collapse Collage underscores societal and racial mixing.

There is a pint of every other coloration in every other human you meet

But Cultural Collapse Collage goes beyond the mixing of races. The collapse also suggest a breakdown. 
The breakdown we are talking about has nothing to do with every body keeping to there own side of the wall -that kind of breakdown makes for unity. But the fact that culture is breaking for the negative and things are going haywire.

There is the sense of fatality when viewing this art and one can even dare say that it is sadistic and does not give any room of hope. But at the same time the collapse could actually mean hope as humanity is yet to breakdown to the point of actual collapse and will never (in theory) actually do that. Cultures and civilizations have crumbled and other have risen to take their place in prominence. There is still (definitely) more to be said about Cultural Collapse Collage

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