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Friday, September 24, 2010

Highway: Life's way

highway, life's way
hi, this is an article on this piece but we will still do the interview.
The artwork highway is special in many ways. As you can see it looks like there is something amiss(the truth is with the way art is you might even notice it as such). This was not how the finished work was at first. I was satisfied with it when i loafed around and it conjured up out of the paint program. But the next time i tried to open it i found that it had a problem when i was saving it hence 'corrupting' it. But i had already christened it highway and as i pondered on what to do with it...whether to delete it forever or not it kind of struck me how apt the name and what happened to the art work coincided to underscore what life is all about (about art).
Life is like a highway and smooth sailing is not necessarily defined by there being no challenges on the way but by how we still 'rule' as it were over them. This is a short piece on the highway. Thanks for the time taken to read through.


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