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Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Interview

 The interview is back. Today it is on the latest art work that has just been posted.
how are you doing today?
Great Britannia...that is an interesting title...?
Yes it is.
How come the name Great Britannia?
The first thing is that at some point the picture looked like a lady sitting on a throne... a queen perhaps.
What is the implication of that it talking about past glories?
Good the name would seem to point to the past in terms of past glories but in actual fact it is talking about the future i.e. the hope of the future in the light of a past that was to speak. There was a time the British empire arguably ruled the world. What the art work reflects is that time of greatness with regards to a future hope of coming greatness.

                                                 Great Britannia

What about the present.....does it not then imply that the present is not filled with as much hope or is not as rosy as one would want it to be?
True...but the thing with the present is that it doesn't it is in the eyes of the beholder.....things may not really be as bad now and they might even be swell but the future should always paint a picture that is brighter than the matter how beautiful the present is now.
So the artwork doesn't necessarily say that the present is gloomy? points to a better tomorrow without casting any shadow on is all about hope and betterment...that is the essence of Great Britannia.
Let's talk about the there a particular reason for the colors?
Not really...but the thing is the colors do speak even when you don't want them to.
What are they saying?
It depends on what the viewer is is very subjective....what you hear may not be what I'm hearing... this is why i don't what to say anything that will distort the purity of your own interpretation.
Thank you.
Thank you.(end of interview)

NB...I kind of like how this blog is shaping up. I never thought I would have gone this far with it but I think i might just stick to i as a hobby of sorts...we still need more viewership though. But i love's relaxing.

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