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Friday, May 27, 2011

In The Beginning: Testing A New Ap With City Life

My loafart is paying the price of my always being on the go and not
being able to sit in front of the system the way I used to. And for
months now I've been looking at ways to publish on my art blog from my
Let's see I have successfully failed at publishing from my handheld
using the blogger was at the second try out that I
discovered you have to be in the US for it to work(though I can't say
I really got that part).
I also tried out WordPress and they seemed to have a good plan. I
downloaded their app twice on my Blackberry but it still hasn't worked
out as they so easily asserted(the fault should be mine).
I only recently discovered blogger's mail2blogger and followed through
their instructions. I opened my art blog from my handheld, went to the
setting--email and entered the 'secretword' now I want to see if it
will work.
So I am reposting my very first art work that I posted; 'City Life'
but as it stands now I am having difficulties copying and pasting
images on this email(typing from my handheld email account).
So I will send this and see if it would post....(Hen I would see how I
can post images as well.....the things we do for art.

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