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Monday, May 30, 2011

The Happy New Year Africa Interview

Happy New Year Africa

Hello there?
Me: hello

Its been quite some time now since we last had the opportunity to talk about your art.....(?)
Me: Yes....I have been every where except here.

There are still some interviews we still have as backlogs, any chance we might have them?
Me: As time permits.....

Today we want to look at your 'Happy New Year Africa' artwork.....when you started on your Paint canvass, did you think that you were going to say happy new year to anyone through it?
Me: No....I can't say I even knew or had an idea which direction the artwork would head once I started it.....but after I stepped back from it a bit I saw where it had brought me to....Africa. And it was just that time of the year when everything is like spring.

It brought you to Africa...interesting. Was it the time of the year then that got you to give the artwork its name?
Me: It was part of it. Another thing was that it looked like Africa or I saw the continent inside the art. But a key anchor to its name was the primary colours that I used....they were alive, hopeful and really loud.

So the colors gave it its name?
Me: No, rather it gave it its tone. That is, it gave the name the tone of joy, happiness, hope. I had already seen Africa in the art, but the colour told me what the picture was saying at the emotional and mood level.

Interesting, colors usually do that don't they?
Me: Well....we make them do.

What do you mean by that....don't bright colors conote...brightness just as sombre colors may speak different things to us, you just said now that it was the colors that set the happy tone for you?
Me: That is the is not that they speak, it is that we interprete or using a not so common word these days; we ascribe emotions, moods and therefore meaning to colours and use them to communicate with ourselves because we are humans.

Can you please elaborate on that?
Thank you. Who knows what each colour really means to other individual creatures? We say white conotes peace and it raises that sort of peaceful emotion in us....but what if it raises another kind of behaviour that is not so peacful to an eagle, ostrich, bull or cat? Even coming down to our individual humanity, what if that same colour white illicits rage in a man, woman or child because of a peculiar experience? Do we then negate that 'interpretation' of the colour to that specific individual because it is written in some textbook somewhere that white means peace?
The point is, it is not what we call it but what ever we want it to be. So I see those primary colours and I say happy! Someone might see it and say; garish, extreme or even bloody as in carnage, conflagaration and death.

Wow....thank you for your time?
Me: Is it over already but I am kind of pressed and was just waiting for you to be done before I wrap it all up...some other time then?
Me: ok

Thank you!

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