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Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Expose Loafart Plan

I mentioned one time that I was going to post one or two of the
loafart on an e-store. I actually did with error on
But something came up on another online site I have reviewed before on
one of my other blogs(which is still under review) and I thought it
would be nice to go along with the testing of a particular aspect of
their platform by creating an e-store for one of my artwork specially
for them. This actually goes beyond the scope of this blog which is
dedicated solely to my loafart but I am just mentioning it here
because I might just decide to load up all the previous artwork I have
posted here on the free e-store site.....if they are really as good as
they sound. But for now I will start with just City Life and hope to
give an update on how it went.#

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