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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Art Of Art Critique And The Interveiw

The thing with art is that you can never really be short of words when it comes to interpreting it. This is why anyone can Critique art. It is just a matter of verbalizing your appreciation or otherwise of the art work.
And the really seriuos can recieve some form of education because the art of art critique educates the person doing it.
This is because some subconscious things takes place. Your sense of observation is brought into play when it comes to being the art critique. You tend to notice things the more you concentrate on the art work. Concentration is one of the things too that you will develop when you become the art critique. Then logic as it has to do with putting two and two together is another thing that will kick in the moment you start forming an opinion within you as it has to do with the art of art critique.
Another very important thing that is developed is your sense of opinion. That is, you tend to become more independent minded as listen to the views of others regarding that same art work and you from your own opinion.
The education is complete when you begin to subconsciously apply all these virtues you developed as an art critique into other areas of your life.

The Interview Begins
You posted some two interesting pieces this week...
Yes, Anotherlifespace and Bigben.



very interesting names indeed....and interesting art work as well...

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