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Friday, May 14, 2010

The Canvass as art

hi, the interview will continue another time. Today we want to look at the canvass as a part of the art in Loaf-art.
The canvass is Microsoft Paint program (Start/program/accessories/paint). In this case it is part of the art because it won't be loaf-art if it isn't. Every art work that we will be displaying here would be on the canvass so it is very well part of the art and since this is the case.
The limitation of the paint program works for it here because it means the artist has got to master those limitations so much so that he/she is able to produce an art work that is still meaningful.


  (I wonder what your thoughts are on these...)             

The Canvass is an integral part of the Art work and it is really fun if you decide to get into it(as you can see, i want to win converts here).  And art is such that everything involved in that art becomes part and parcel of it, accentuating the various inflections that individualistic interpretation brings (big words)

NB the interview might be concluded on Saturday.

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