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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Interview Continues

I hope you liked the trick....i.e. did you even notice it? Well...nevermind.

What about Anotherlifespace...why the combination of three words?

Each word on its own has a right to be in that piece..'Another' has full representation in that you can see that it is like another  galactic system or another collection of planets and worlds. This too gives the 'life' credence and credibility because another world implies other forms of Life. 'Space' too is well represented in the art work because it can be taken as meaning either Space (as in outer-space) or space as in distance between two objects. This is aside from the connection it has with bigben when it has to do with time. 

Do you believe that their is life in other...worlds?
If you call it worlds...then logic demands that their should be. The thing is we tend to paint life 'forms' by our own imaginations ans standards.

Care to elaborate on that?
Not really.

Your worlds...sorry, the art work.. the palnets seem to connect..?
That is the point...who says they shouldn't or why must they look like the things we already know....can i take a to you later.

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