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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Rounding Up The Week And Previewing The Next.

This week we posted two Art Works; Anotherlifespace and Bigben. We talked about them and also talked about the Canvass as part of the Art  Work and The Art of Art Critique and some of the things it does to us.
I ran out of questions for The Interview so i don't think i will be continuing with it.
But next week is going to be interesting (though i don't yet have a clue what I'll be posting up). There will  be the usual interview segment concerning the particular Art Work, a bit on the Microsoft Paint program, and one or tow topical Art themes.
All in all, it would be interesting. See you most possibly on Monday.

NB we have now posted about three Art Works (City life, Anotherlifespace and Bigben) and it is gradually building up without showing any sign of letting up because the Art Works in the kitty are increasing.....

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