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Monday, May 10, 2010

The Art of Art Critique

Thank God its Monday!
And we are starting off with looking at how to critique art. This is to prepare you for the work you guys are about to do concerning the two art posts for the week (still haven't found a reason yet for naming that one Bigben). So i wold like to prepare your mind so that you will as they say tamper Justice with Mercy.
Now don't take anything i tell you serious here, especially as it has to do with becoming an art Critique or how to do it properly.
First of all, we'll divide it into two;the academic and the appreciative. The former has to do with you being the editor of Art for Times or you holding in chair in one university. This is where you look at a piece or art and you define it with references to the school it belongs, the era and time, the style etc To know this you will need a degree in the arts.
So let's move to the second. In this case, all you need to to be observant and inquisitive. Ask  the why, who , and what questions. Get the answer from the artist, from others and most importantly, create your own answers.
We would stop here for now.

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