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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let's start with why you chose to post two loaf-art work for the week....
No reason in particular..but in a way they are both connected. 

Are you saying that Anotherlifespace and Bigben are connected?
Well the names are.

How so?
They both have to do with time and time has to do with space.

Why the name Bigben?
Good question......
The beautiful thing about names is that it comes about due to multiple reasons. Sometime during its point of creation it really looked like Bigben. But aside from that, the art is still all about space and filling up that space with colour. It has no emptiness..... this is time in its essence because time connotes a lack of emptiness and a period that is filled with one thing or the other.

But someone might look at it and think to call it something else?
True and that is the beauty of art...not image but perception. It is actually your perception that educates you and not the presentation, or image or what you are shown.

Why the emphasis on primary colours?
For this piece...contrast.

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