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Friday, May 7, 2010

City Life

I forgot to tell you the title of this piece. I titled it City Life.
The reason is not so far fetched with the street lamps and littered street.
And more than that it reflects a kind of decay that comes with the city. A decay that the authorities are constantly battling against.
It is as if a sentence of death was passed on the city the minute it was born and even though people keep on flooding in it still needs to be permanently kept in the emergency ward where issues like security, health, water, over crowding, litter are constantly battling the city.

Let's not go in too deep, here is an imaginary interview i held over this 'masterpiece'.

How did you come about this form of art?
well like i said before is was through loafing about with the system, i even call it loaf-art.

Are you saying you were just toying around with a computer program and City Life came about?

No i said that is how the art came about but in a way too City Life was not deliberate. I started without knowing how it would end or what i was going to do but as it started taking shape i kind of followed it through and that is how City Life came to be.

The interview will continue later but you are free to comment and critique the art. We will talk more on how you can go about this if you don't have a clue later. In fact let's forget about that....just say what you think.
i will be posting other loaf-art on this blog and all of them were done with Paint (the program you will find under Accessories from the start/programs tab).

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